Service Information

SMARTPOSTinstallers provides installation and removal of signposts and signpost accessories for residential and commercial Real Estate (depending on franchise). We offer a unique and highly efficient way of communicating your requests and order status via our online web system. The information below is presented to help you understand our services.

Order Screen

(Screen shot of an online SMARTPOSTinstallers sign order)


  • Installation and removal of signposts and signpost accessories for residential and commercial Real Estate.
  • Accessories include Brochure Boxes, Lights and a number of different of Riders. (Lot, Land, View, For Lease, Arrows, etc.)
  • Digital photo confirmation for all on-line service requests.
  • Pick-up and drop off of Agent signposts and signpost accessories.
  • Real-time support for all customers.
  • All work is guaranteed.
  • Orders placed by 12:00 p.m. will be completed by the end of the next business day, excluding Major Holidays.
  • Office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Please confirm with your local Franchise)
  • Installation days are Tuesday through Saturday.

We accept most major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Client Sign Storage:

SMARTPOSTinstallers will gladly store Broker/Agent Signs at our facility at NO CHARGE to you. Agent/Brokers are required to enter into a SMARTPOSTINSTALLERS SIGN INVENTORY AGREEMENT outlining the terms and conditions of sign storage and the extra costs for transferring signs to various branches. Having SMARTPOSTinstallers store your signs can expedite your installation and provide more immediate exposure to the public. All Broker/Agent Signs are clearly labeled and stored together at our facility. This ensures that your sign will be installed at your listing.

All Broker/Agent Signs are, and will always be, your property. If at any time you need one or more of your signs returned, just call your local SMARTPOSTinstallers office and we will make arrangements to deliver your signs promptly.

All signs in the possession of SMARTPOSTinstallers are the responsibility of SMARTPOSTinstallers. Only signs which were signed for and received by SMARTPOSTinstallers authorized personnel specifying the number and condition of the signs. If any Broker/Agent owned Signs are stolen or damaged while in our facility they will be replaced at SMARTPOSTinstallers expense. Once a Broker/Agent Sign has been installed at a listing site it is no longer SMARTPOSTinstallers responsibility.

Signs Stored at SMARTPOSTinstallers:

Once your online request is processed, we will then take a SMARTPOSTinstallers Signpost and one of your Signs, which is stored at our facility, out to your listing site. We will then install the Signpost and hang your sign. In the event all of your signs stored at SMARTPOSTinstallers are in use, we will call you immediately so you can make arrangements to get a sign installed on the post. Not having one of your signs in our inventory will not slow the process of getting our Signpost installed.

To start having your signs stored at a SMARTPOSTinstallers facility please call your local SMARTPOSTinstallers office. You can then schedule an appointment to have a SMARTPOSTinstallers representative pick-up any or all of your signs.

Broker/Agent Signs Not Stored at SMARTPOSTinstallers:

If you choose not to have SMARTPOSTinstallers store your signs, it will be your responsibility to hang your sign on our Signpost once it is installed. You will also need to remove the sign from the post prior to the removal of our post.

Agents are responsible for requesting Removals through the system. These removals will be conducted up to 1- 7 days prior to the date selected for removal. Signs not under storage agreement with Smartpost Installers will be left at the residence.